Little Batch Wish

  • Hi,

    having used some other programs out there to archive my files until i discovered powerarchiver, i find myself unable to drop completely those programs because PA lacks a feature i use a lot and i need. I usually use the batch archive feature of Winrar and i have seen it has 2 very important things for me that i wish PA could do.

    Maybe PA can do them but i have look through the options and i can’t find a way to do it. The first thing is as simple as a checkbox to delete the files when you have completed batch archiving them. I can’t find it anywhere.

    The second one is the option (combined with the anterior one) to archive and delete only those files that have resulted in smaller size than the originals, so if i compress 3 pdfs individually and for some reason one of them gets bigger compressed than the original was, it should only delete the other 2 originals and keep the last pdf unarchived.

    Thank you, only this and i’ll be happy. (Besides the usual ranting about even more speed and features that have to come free of charge of course and global peace too :p)

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