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Go button for address toolbar

  • This was mentioned in a post breifly, but wnated to make a formal request. The address bar could benefit from having a go button. Currently on the toolbar there is a level up, back and forward button.

    Attached is a screenshot with a go button for the addressbar. Also a zip file that contains the button in PNG and ICO format.

    The purpose this button serves is you can type a path and click ‘go’ as opposed to hitting enter. I am more of a clicker and got very used to doing it that way in web browsers 😃

    The button could also act as a ‘refresh’. Say you type a path. Click go. Then the contents change (a file is deleted/created outside PA UI) simply click the go button and the file list is refreshed.

  • conexware

    its there! 11.03… web update. get it, now!


  • Very nice! Huge thanks 😃

  • I have the go button. But it isn’t green. It just says go.

  • conexware


  • But…… this is a final version? It also has a white line right to it? How come?

  • I didnt notice the line until you mentioned it. I love the go button. Im not opposed to a graphic button either 😉

    Anyway I noticed if you hover over that line you get a resize cursor. See attached.

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