Improved Intergrations With Antivirus Software

  • One area I would like to see in the future is more intergration with todays Antivirus Software.

    The current version of PA Just offers a drop down selection of some of the exe’s which run quick scans.

    Idealy, on install or upgrade PA could autoscan for any active antivirus and update it self. Or ask which antivirus you use out of a top 10 List and then apply automatically. You could also “add new Antivirus to list”.

    The reason behind this is more and more downloads via P2P networks and Torrent sites use Compressed formats such as RAR, ZIP, CAB etc. to contain information. However, they can ofton contain spyware, mallware and general viruses.

    This feature would in my experience go down well with Low level users and busineses who look for intergration with existing software with ease.

  • I like this idea!!

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