PA - Toolbox "Configuration Admin"

  • Hi Guys,

    I would like to bring forward a request but exclusive to Toolbox Edition!

    An Additional Tab within the Configuration screen but Named possibly “Admin”.

    This would enable to owner or Administrator of the software to set the Application exactly how they require it then lock down or disable specific settings within PowerArchiver’s Config & Main Screen.

    An Example of some of the options this New Tab could bring would be;

    1. Set & Lock Config Settings, Tab’s such as Misc, Auto Update etc
    2. Password Complete Access to Configuration Screen
    3. Automatic Config Source ie the ability to set a default location of an Administrators Config File so multiple Versions of PA can instantly be updated with the latest changes to their settings.

    Number 3 would be ideal for Office environments where by multiple users accessing powerarchiver are all forced to use the same format, options and shell menus as everyone else. Should the administrator receive an update to the application they can install it 1st on one system test it then save their approved config file and PA would then for each user update with those settings.

    With patchbeam this could be possible further if settings can be tweaked.

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