Pause and resume search

  • it would be nice if the search facility can pause itself and be resumed if nessecary.

  • why should this be necessary?
    are your archives that big?

  • well if you have a large archive it would be good and if you need to pause an action on your computer say for instance you were doing something and you needed full cpu usage at that time and it was still searching. Being able to resume a search would be great as you might search five archive then add five more you wouldn’t need to search thoses archives again you can simply cancel the search .

    just like downloading a file very good ide would save me loads of time. Its what the windows search facility should have been but for archives as it does not have this facility

  • “you needed full cpu usage at that time”

    in this case you could lower the priority of PA. so other applications will always get the maximum CPU power.

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