Streamlined update installation

  • Hi,

    I’ve got a registered version of Powerarchiver 2007, and it’s frustrating that when even a minor new version comes out, you have to download a whole setup program, which asks you the same questions as if it’s a fresh install. I don’t want to have to uncheck the “Add desktop icon” etc boxes every time I update. The ideal situation would be if PA could download, extract and run the latest update file with just a single click of the “Update” button (plus a click for Vista’s security dialog where appropriate). Does that sound feasible?


  • conexware

    due to many updates over the year, and many different languages, it would mean that currently for PA 2007 we would have to build at minimum extra 20 installs - and if we wanted to save you some download time, it would be 120 :-).

    So the truth is that we are always thinking about doing it but currently it would take too much of our valuable time.

    We constantly are improving the installation, so we might be able to do something about root cause of your complaint (checkboxes) even without having special update installation…

  • Hi, thanks for replying so quickly. As you say, even if the regular installer were able to skip over certain questions if it can see PA is already installed, that would be good too. The automated download was the more minor point. Thanks again.

  • Allot of new software programs wil detect previos installs and registry values etc… also they drop a small setup.dll file into the root folder so on an update/install of a new version it asks the question “Keep Previos Settings” or “Clean Install”. I am sure once PA’s developers have the time this is something they could look into creating.

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