Open archive before downloading

  • Save time when downloading files Instead of downloading a large zip file from the internet, it would be nice if you can show you its contents. Then you can just download the parts you need.

  • this wouldn’t work with every archive type. e.g supporting solid archives would be difficult. the idea sounds nice but I think it will be very difficult to implement.

  • conexware

    This was popular few years ago - however it should really be an download manager feature…

  • There is always a but i know it should be a download manager but it would be great to have this feature in powerarchive. even if it was limited to zip and cab at present.

    It would make it easier for using archives on the internet. It would give you more control. I think this feature would be great as it can help with archives as it would save time over the internet. I use powerarchiver for most archives and this feature would save time and effort otherwise i have to have a download manager with archive support which would defeat the point of having powerarchiver.

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