Filenames in Explorer Shell extension (context menu)

  • This has been brought up
    and here:

    already, but I want to bring it up once again:

    I am almost always using the Explorer shell extensions of A, namely the “extract archive to subfolder”. But when you have long filenames or a rather long directory/path the context menu gets really big.
    Like in the example:
    “C:\Use…\Ski…\Des…\Dow…\Mus…\Art…\Alb…\1. Artist of your choice - Album of your choice - Title of your Choice.mp3”
    And because the filename doesn’t get truncated you can get even bigger size menus by using longer filenames.

    Why not use a static entry for the context menu like in the shell extension settings, or like this:

    “Extract to subfolder”
    “Extract to <subfolder>”
    “Extract to ./subfolder”

    And for the new feature “extract to filename/(multiple archives in separate folders)” it would then be:

    “Extract to separate subfolders”
    “Extract to separate <subfolders>”
    “Extract to separate ./subfolders”

    Which will be replacing the above enty when selecting multiple archives.

    And also for Compressing:

    “Compress to”
    “Compress to <filename>.zip”

    Hopefully this will be changed, because I more than once had a context menu taking over almost the complete screen!

    THX, Zefiris</filename></subfolders></subfolder>

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