Rar repair

  • i know you can not create rar files but it would be nice if you could repair them, as i get loads that are damaged and need reapiring and have to resort to winrar to do this even though i don’yt wnat to create them

    what does everyone else think

  • Wouldn’t repairing RAR files be covered by the same licensing problems as creating RAR files? My understanding is that RARLabs (or whoever owns the RAR format) does not allow 3rd parties to do anything with the RAR format except extract.

  • you are wrong there, repairing rar files in other packages have been around a long time they just license the rar format from the makers of winrar. The other point to make is that this as you said this might infringe the license of rar format however you can not create or add files to a rar file that is repaired you can only repair it, which would get around this problem as you have to have a rar file in order to repair the file. So u can’t create a rar file , i mean convert another format into rar, so no conflict on license.

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