"Skip older files" option for extracting files

  • Hello everybody,

    I just find out that PowerArchiver does not have the “Skip older files” option that WinZip has. This option appears there in the “Extract” dialog box. I bought a license a short while ago, and I haven’t noticed this feature is missing.

    It is very useful option (IMHO any way), and I really need it. It is a feature I was actually using with the evaluation version of WinZip, and it is a problem for me to manage without it.

    Is there a chance you are about to add it? Frankly, I don’t know why it is not there already.



  • Good Idea!

    I use “Acronis Home Image” for my main backup usage and it also has this option too ignore old files or files that had no change!

    This would be very handy for extract or archive and to be given the option to include or exclude old files only…

    I second that request!

  • you have my vote

  • This post is deleted!

  • Well, I don’t use ZIP for incremental backup, but I do use it to do file synchronization.

    I have a lot of folders at work which I also have at home, so I use it to sync between them. The “Skip older files” option is necessary for me, because sometimes I change the files at home or at work, and I don’t want them to be replaced by the file in the other location.

    It probably also saves a lot of extraction time, because usually only some of the files in the archive are changed.

    I hope the PowerArchiver team will react to it. I really need this option, and I now have really big problem because I already bought the program.


  • PA, Your thoughts on this please? can it be done within the next beta? or is this something we might have to wait till the next major release.

  • Can someone from PowerArchiver please respond?



  • conexware

    Feature like this gets added in major releases… so we will check it out once time for PA 2008 comes (isnt that far away)…

  • It is hard to believe that another year is soon to end and PA 2008 Will be round the corner!

    What is even more difficult to grasp is the fact that I will be a Dad in November! :eek:

  • conexware


    What is even more difficult to grasp is the fact that I will be a Dad in November! :eek:

    enjoy life while you can…


  • Cheers spywolf for those words of wisdom :D

  • Thanks Spwolf.

    If it is added in the 2008 version is OK to. I indeed find it useful, and I am not sure it is very difficult to implement (but I am not an expert though).


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