Portable Powerarchiver 2007 (not U3)

  • Hello,

    is there portable version of Powerarchiver 2007, but non U3. I’ve pendrive, but it isn’t U3 and I’d like to have Powerarchiver on it. Can I do it?

  • The U3 version is no good as most people do not have a U3 device. Portable software is ok. you can install powerarchiver on a USB stick at present without installing anything to the hard drive.
    Though this defeats the object of having it on USB key at the moment. But it proves you can still use pa on a USB in a form just like a standalone program without shell extensions or asocaitions.

    It has been mentioned before but to no avail. if you run jv16 (registry) program after using U3 you will find left over entries in the registry pointing to U3. Which proves U3 is not all that it claimes

  • I hope the portable version will come with 2009.

    There are 2 interesting approaches i have found:

    first: encrypting the key so the original key is secure if you lost your usb drive (SpeedCommander)

    second: key is special encoded for your usb drive, if you copy to other drive or format, you have to reenter key (Roboform2Go)

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