Backup Select Menu IDEA!

  • Hi PA Crew Hope you are all well,

    When there is no values in the Select Backup button it still shows a drop down option showing “No Recent Backups”.

    It would be nice that it is Disabled untill a backup was created or edited then it would be enabled and show valid values.

    Another idea would be in the Configuiration screen under “Folders” there is an option to select a default location for PowerArchiver Backup scripts and Backup Archive Locations.

    The reason why is that I and many other users have external Harddrives than we use to store both the script(s) and archive(s) when making backups. It would be a great little time saver if PA provided the option to default those options for you.

    Obviosly you can disable it and just set the location when creating a new backup etc…


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