Open SFX-Archives

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    Behaviour: when I right-click on a SFX-archive created by let’s say WinZip Self Extractor, PA offers me to open the archive directly. Same with WinAce or other SFX’.

    However, SFX-archivers created by PA itself don’t have that option. Also, when I open the archive, there’s no “Open with PA”-button (I created the SFX via the context menu of an archive).

    Suggestion: include “Open with PA”-option in the context menu of PA-created SFX-archives.

    Edit: just found out that PA can’t update SFX-archives even when opened manually. Please add updating SFX-archives. WinAce has this feature and I love it.

  • Good Idea Reboot,

    Don’t see why not its just a registry link and some coding heh? :)

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