Some wishes

  • Too many for the thread title, so here they go:
    1. possibility to unmask the passwort when extracting something
    2. extracting files, introduce a new button in the overwrite confirm dialog: “overwrite NONE but not cancel”
    3. custom icon for SFX-modules
    4. possibility to hide the path in SFX-modules (creating a self-installer, I don’t want to show the user the path. The thing has to go in the temporary folder but if the user sees a path, he’s often seduced to enter the path the program should finally go to, instead, PA puts the setup files there)
    5. possibility to enter some self-defined text in the SFX-program
    6. bugfix: when adding a folter to an archive via the context menu, not the folder itself is added, but it’s contets, which is annoying

    Besides these things, I love PA!

  • conexware

    6. enable “use normal paths” in config>misc

  • “Use normal paths” doesn’t help anything.

  • I must admit the idea to have a custom icon for SFX Modules is a good one!!

    And as for the idea of unmasking the password this was already raised previosly but again I agree that it would be a good idea to have.

  • no.1 password unmasked. I’d like to see that not only in the SFX, but in the password window itself, when extracting with PA, nothing worse than thinking did i type that in correctly, is that why its saying password error, or is it infact the password itself is incorrect, but you cant tell because all you see is *********, would be nice to actually see the password. A simple switch in the options, show password tick / no tick you see the asterix.

    The changing of the sfx icon, erm, rather have a smaller SFX module.

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