PowerArchiver 10.20.01 (Beta1)

  • Hi PA Crew,

    I just want to say that the minor graphic changes you have made to the latest PA beta is great! It is certainly is allot more smoother to the eye!

    And with regards to the startup screen asking you which skin style and version you prefer is a fantastic idea!

    One thing? with that option in mind can you add the ability to choose wither the user can have the new Configuiration screen that we had in Beta 3 etc?? or the current clasic style during install?

    This is something that I would love to see back as it corisponds with Vista’s, Office 2007’s Config Screens and to me was allot easier to navigate!

  • conexware

    we cant have new/old for several reasons - it doesnt support screen readers currently (for blind people), and it looks bad in older systems (which are very, very much used with PA 2007)…. we hope to correct those for PA 2008

  • conexware

    and modern toolbar is completly redone in this version ;-), thanks for the kudos

  • No Problems with the Kudos!! You guys have done a fantastic job with regards to the new 2007! I’m looking forward to the next releases! every beta seems better and better!

    With regards to the Blind User Section? being silly here but why does it matter how its laid out when they can’t see anyway? :-D

    PS: I think you guys need to update the Preview Screen for the Modern “Ribbon” Interface within the first Configuiration Screen as it shows the the old style not the new Beta Style!

  • conexware

    new config wasnt compatible with screen readers that say out the contents - old one is, thats why it is back.

    we know about preview, it has been introduced in 10.11 actually :-)

  • You know one day I will catch you out! :D

    Cheers for that chap

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