"No to All" and Keep broken files.

  • I’m not using the latest version, so these two items may already be there. I’ve been using PA on a daily basis since vs 8.0/2003.

    No to All. It would be very helpful to me to have an extraction option of “No to All” when extracting a container and some of the files already exist, and I am prompted to overwrite existing files.

    Keep broken files. Sometimes archives get damaged, or a multi-part rar or zip is missing a section. My version of PA will not write a partial file. I wish I could tell PA I want to keep a broken or partial file anyway, and it would write to disk and save the portion of the file it does have. Also keep files with a CRC Error. Sometimes some recovery is better than no recovery. As everyones multi-volume floppy disk and CD archives start to degrade with age, I think this will become more of an issue.

    Thank you for asking.

  • i have already asked for better archive repair tools to be implimented like cab repair and better zip. There might be a way to have rar repair but that is for the future.

  • I like the “no to all” idea

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