Preview to show how much the files could be compressed

  • Preview to show how much the files could be compressed
    WinRAR has a similar function. WOuld be great if Powerarchiver would also have such a function

  • Interesting idea - I’m curious how something like this might work. Does it guess based on filetype (maybe keeping a history of previous compressions to get better estimates over time)? Maybe it compresses a 2K sample or so to get an estimate.

  • the answer is simple in winrar the estimate feature is based on the rar format and that alone, thats how they can work out the estiimate levels of compression based on the total size of the files and the rar format.

    pa could have one that can estimate the best possible format to use for the formats avaliable basied on whether you wnated to update the files etc.

    I would like to see this happen.

    I have seen a program from japan that can actually compress files into a zip into differnt formats basied on the best compression avaliable for that format.

    this is what i would like pa to do is to have this option avaliable.