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  • PA,

    Have you ever considered creating RSS Feeds in order to extend your communicational methods to your end users?

    I think this would be a great idea as it would;

    A. Allow you to announce updates without users having to go onto you website.

    B. Top Forum or New Forum Threads could be announced using the RSS Feed thus enabling users to act more quickly when an idea or problem arises.

    C. I have subscribed to the PowerArchiver Newsletter but have yet never received one maybe an RSS Feed with the above can consist as one.

    It shouldn’t take too much of your time as I am sure it can mostly be automated when it comes to Forums and as for updates it will send out when once you have posted it on your site.

  • Alpha Testers


    Sounds like a very good suggestion to me. Could perhaps be some sort of dockable window inside the PA client, like the way that PA docks the comments in zip files etc.

    Andrew Robinson.

  • Hi Andrew,

    That sounds like a good idea! I was thinking of Outlook RSS feeds but an intergrated feature in PA would be as just as good!

  • conexware

    There is already an Web Update check feature in PA to find out about updates.

    Why make PowerArchiver “bloated” for no reason? There are many features that we will still need to add (in future versions), there is no need for wasting space and time on something that is not truly part of PowerArchiver.

  • Thanks spywolf, So I gather thats a no then for the inbuilt PA RSS Feed screen.

    But, What about my orrigianl request of a RSS Thread on your website so users to can sign up for frequent updates on news, software versions and forum dicussions without having to goto the website.

  • conexware

    hopefully we will have it for the website at least…

  • Fantastic, Because I know its something I would use! Hope others will too!

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