Tweak to compress options

  • I am currently testing PowerArchiver 2007 Beta 9.

    I did not see this request mentioned in other posts.

    Whether one is creating an archive thru the main PowerArchiver program window or initiating things thru the Shell Extensions’ “Compress With Options…”, I would like options for creating a self-extracting executable as part of the archive creation process.

    If one has an archive and then later decides to create an self-extracting executable, then both the main program “Make EXE” option or the Shell Extension “Create Self-Extracting Archive” option work fine.

    However, if you are creating a new archive and know you want an SFX file in the first place, then I really like WinRAR’s “archiving options”, which allow one to create a self-extracting executable at the same time as creating the archive in the first place.

    Keep up the great work! :)

  • It turns out you can create an archive and make it a self-extracting executable (SFX file), all at the same time, IF you use “SFX Wizard” button.

    You cannot do so by using the “Add Archive” button, nor can you do it from any of the Shell Extension options.

    I am glad that the SFX Wizard doesn’t only apply to existing archives, but can also be used to create an archive and make it a SFX file at the same time.

    However, I would still like to see this ability from the “Add Archive” process or as a Shell Extensions option.

    The benefit from being able to right/alternate-click on a file, group of files, or folder and create a new archive and make it a SFX file at the same time is obvious.

    However, why would one want to be able to create a SFX file from within the “Add Archive” process?

    One simple example is…

    You started to create a new archive and have named the archive as well and added all of the files/folders you want packaged in the archive. Now, you decide you want to create an SFX file. You don’t want to cancel the process you have already started, start the SFX Wizard and have to redo everything. You would like to be able to “turn on” or “toggle on” the SFX option and PA would automatically change the new archive name from NAME.ARE (where ARE is the archive extension… ZIP, 7Z, CAB, etc) to NAME.EXE. Of course, you could alter the path/name of the new file still and there would now be some SFX applicable options that would appear. If you change your mind again, you could “turn off” or “toggle off” the SFX option and PA would remember the archive type you had selected before (ZIP, 7Z, etc) and change the name of the new archive back to NAME.ARE accordingly.

    I hope that makes sense to everyone.

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