Queue and Extract now

  • When Something is added to the queue. There is no way to make it extract anyway.

    If a dvd is currently extracting, and a file is added to the queue, I cannot make it extract anyway. I have to wait for the first item to finish.

    I would like to have a button to make a item start anyway. and not wait for the first Item to finish


  • Can this be added for >10.20

  • Hi Guido,

    I can see why you are requesting this.

    But doesnt that conflict with the whole idea of the Queue system. as the point of it was to ease system processor time and allow for each extraction and compression to be prioritised one by one.

    The user also can also prioritise each item by moving up and down the list can’t they?

    However, with that said… I understand that on allot of popular download managers the queue system can be instructed to Prioritise by number etc also they have a button named “Download NOW” which overrides all other items in the queue untill it has been completed.

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