.torrent support?

  • PA, I currently use “Maketorrent” to create torrent files for download. Is this something PA Can create? as allways, I would prefer to keep all my compression programs in one application and PA Does the trick for 99% of it.

  • I don’t think that’s needed.

    You can create torrents with uTorrent.

  • I know you can create torrents using utorrent :) used it before and it does the job.

    My point was a torrent file is just another file that compresses data into a standardised format. as far as I am aware this is free code and is available for anyone.

    So it would be a “nice to have” within PA to be able to create a .torrent

    This means I wouldnt need another program on my system to create a file format. And it would also mean that PA would offer something other Archive Programs don’t.

  • conexware

    you do need to have some torrent program to share the torrent right? So doesnt it make sense to use it to create torrent as well?

  • this would be a great idea. as you did with iso same argument here if u think about it

  • Hi Spywolf, Corrent but not all decent Torrent programs allow you to create or read whats in a .torrent file untill it has been succesfully downloaded.

    David made a good point about this being the same type of require as the .ISO

    I create allot of torrents but not nessarly download them they are mostly for other users to test on.

    There are very few decent applications out there that offer torrent creating support or reading support. Mostly download apps.

    Limewire Pro beta now offers torrent download ability but wont offer the feature to create them.

  • Alpha Testers


    I don’t think that adding .torrent file creation support to PA would be a good thing. Mainly I have to disagree with what Sir Richard is saying about it just being another compressed file.

    A .torrent file is mainly alot like a .xml or any other editable text file. Basically, the program totals the size of the content you wish to share, creates hashes, segments the content, and then saves the addresses and hashes to the mentioned .torrent file.

    Therefore, I don’t think this would be a viable addition to PA, and believe it should be a feature provided by any dedicated .torrent programs like Azureus, BitComet, uTorrent etc.

    Andrew Robinson.

  • Hi Andrew,

    I can see where you are coming from. That if a user was to want to create a .Torrent file they would of probably already had an application such as Azureus, BitComet etc…

    I think the point I was trying to make was that it would be a nice to have. and yet another format that PA Supports this means than on that rare occation someone sees a file in .torrent format they can interigate it asap instead of having to search the net for an application todo so.

    After all PA has support for Winamp skins, Quake Files in which I have never in my life have had to interigate… However, its nice to know that should I download a skin or Quake File PowerArchiver already provides me with the abilty to open it and Im not having to search the internet for yet “another” file reader.

    In the ideal world I would want PA To be the main application for every Archive type file around! and to be honest I use it for 98% of my work but that 2% means I am still requiring to download another program that I really dont want hogging up my 3gig of ram and 3 gig 64 Processor :) when it could be put to good use for something else.

  • Alpha Testers

    Hi Richard,

    I appreciate what you are saying and kind of understand were you are coming from with the remarks. The main thing I think is that I don’t want to see PA become somewhat bloated with un-needed compression formats.

    I believe that the Winamp and Quake formats may be their to perhaps help people who develop skins for Winamp and maps/textures for Quake etc, to check the file once compressed, but in all honesty I haven’t actually used PA for those file formats before.

    I mean, I am all for progression in applications, especially since I do quite a bit of programming my self at home, I just don’t want for example PA coming under fire for perhaps integrating the Open Source create torrent code, and then selling it. Also, hopefully, PA will not be turned into another BitTorrent client.

    One other thing, was the it creating of the torrents or the editing of them once created that you were refering to?

    Andrew Robinson.

  • @Sir:

    I think the point I was trying to make was that it would be a nice to have … this means than on that rare occation someone sees a file in .torrent format they can interigate it asap instead of having to search the net for an application todo so.

    With PA 2007 you can add TC plug-in(s) for .torrent files.
    That would be the way to work with them if needed.

  • FANTASTIC!!! See thats all what was needed! Cheers Terry

  • conexware

    Winamp and quake formats are just zip files :-)

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