Save PA Configuiration Setting Poll

  • Please vote,

    Who would like PA to create a SAVE Configuration Settings Button. Thus stoping a user after each upgrade or fresh install to reset all his/her settings.

  • I think that, it will be a good idea :p

    But more important is remove all bugs from PA2007 :D

    And if You want to save your options do what spwolf said ;)

    thank you guys - you can always export via regedit.exe and then just execute the .reg file after installation…

  • Spywolf is an experienced user and so are most of us but what about those who don’t know what a registry is and how to use it? as im sure you will agree when dealing with the Registry you have to be carefull as making a mistake can cause countless amounts of problems.

    Even microsoft office enables you to export your prefered settings so you can save time on the next install or upgrade.

    Ofcourse the most important thing to fix are the bugs, but this Poll isnt about that its about a vote on how many users both advanced and beginners would prefer the ability to save their settings.

    For administrators this would be good as you could set PA to Look and work exactly the way they want other systems too and then easily upload the settings file to a default location within the PA Programs folder.

  • conexware

    moved to the wishlist… Administrators can already create their own registration settings themselves and apply them.

    How hard is to use regedit.exe? If you cant use regedit.exe, then you probably dont need to save/export PA configuration settings.

    Of course, only reason you have to re-enter the settings in Beta’s is because of the BUG and using beta’s, of course :-).

    Problem with adding any feature is that you have to add it, translate it, troubleshoot it, support it and maintain it. So unless it is really crucial, its better not to add another feature that nobody will use :-), since we already have list of features for next releases.

    When you have 3,000 features, it is hard to use them all and be able to present them to the users :-).

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