New Ideas for 2007 Release.

  • PA Crew,
    After using PowerArchiver 2007 since its 1st Beta Release I have noticed that the following should be amended or added.

    Save Configuration

    It would nice to have the ability to save the configuration settings into an external file therefore if I was to install PA on a new computer or have to crash my system down and reinstall PA I would only need to upload and apply my saved settings file via a CD or floppy disk.
    This would save allot of time in the long run as so far every release I have had to go into the configuration screen and amend all my settings to the way I want PA to work and look etc.

    Temp Folder Options

    Also another amendment I would like to see is the ability to designate a default Temp Folder at the moment the user only has the option in Misc to “use current location as the temp”. For security reasons this would also be a good idea as you would be able to instruct your anti-virus program to actively monitor that folder and also your shredding program to clear on shut down should the temp not clear its self etc.

    Comment Screen Amendment

    When Compressing an archive you can right click and select “Archive Comment” this then brings up a pop up that a user can type their notes into. However, the user also has an option to dock the comments window to PA but you cant change the text within this… it would be nice if you could change and save the test without out having to right click and select “Archive Comments” again. Thus giving the user a more integrated feel when making notes.

    Docked File Viewer

    I ofton use the File Viewer for pictures, work documents, note files etc the Viewer is a quicker and simpler method of seeing the data without having to extract or open it. The option of Docking the Viewer to PowerArchers Screen would be nice in the exact same way you have the option for Archive Comments. Once again this keep all PowerArchiver sub screen togeather in one application without it making things look a mess.

  • conexware

    • save configuration wouldnt work in Vista
    • You can select your temp folder in “Folders” section :-).

    In any case, all wishes are for future versions of PA, as we are not going to add any more features to PA 2007 - it is only bug testing.

    We have to release it :-)

    But keep the wishes in separate threads, so we can have them easily available for 10.1 and other releases…


  • How are we doing on the release date? will Beta 5 be the last beta or are you still sometime away from finalising it?

    Other than that PA2007 is a fantastic step up! yopu guys dont do things by half do you :)

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