Drag and drop folders

  • One feature that PA really lacks is the ability to drag and drop folders out of an archive. I really hope this feature is added soon.

    Also, when dragging folders into an archive, it would be nice if there was an extra option to ‘keep folder name’, currently the options are to add all files in the folder to the root of the archive, or to add that entire path.

    so right now if you drag and drop from the desktop to the archive your option to keep folder paths make it include:

    documents and settings\my name\desktop\folder name

    where as i’d like it be able to just get the folder name in there.

  • conexware


    can you enable “normal path” option in Config> Misc, and see if that helps?


  • same behavior if i enable normal paths.

    which now i’ve just found something else. it doesn’t seem to support deleting folders inside the archives either. :)

  • I too am seeing this problem under Windows 2000. It’s like the folder doesn’t want to be dragged. There’s no pointer status change. I used to be able to click and drag folders now and again in previous versions, but it’d always just make an empty folder, not extract the whole folder and its contents.

  • Please fix this problem Admin. :o

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