.eaz support

  • It would be nice if PA supported .eaz files.

  • Hi Daniel,


    Which other application uses .eaz? have you got a link?

  • Eazel supports .eaz files and I had to install it jsut so I could open this .eaz file I downloaded, PA supports a thousand of formats except the 1 format I downloaded, I thought it would be good to have an all-in-one archiver instead of an almost-all-in-one archiver.

  • Sounds good depending on licencing im sure PA will in time. but it would most likely be only able to read the file and not write.

    PA Crew???

  • Seems to be some type of linux format from what i could find on google?

    Is it an archive at all?



  • Is it an archive at all?

    It sure looked like one. I opened it in Eazel and it showed a list of files where I could add, extract… it looked just like an archive but it could be something else, the same way PA opens .iso images in an interface like an archive, Eazel might’ve have opened the .eaz file the same way it opens .zip files, where the .eaz file maybe isn’t an archive, but gives the feeling like one. I only encountered this once so it’s not even that important.

  • it is obvisoly an archive that many people use! :rolleyes:

    In the long run the support for plugins will allow users to create the ability to read custom archives maybe its worth waiting for as the demand for this doesnt seem that great! :D

  • Website for the Eazel product is here:


    I’ve never heard of it before… Has anyone else run into more than a 1 time need to deal with .eaz files (especially anyone who does not already have Eazel)?

  • This is the very first time I have heard of this format.
    It must very unpopular, either because of some sort of patent or just weak compression.

    There are many file formats which are dead. I have not seen ZOO files in years for example. The once popular ARJ is now extinct. BH and LZH (or LHA) are also a rare site to see.

    Zip, RAR and 7ZIP are the top formats today.
    ACE is rare but still see it once in a while.

    Cab is used in some installation files but no files are really distributed on the net as CAB.

    Is EAZ support really required?
    Who uses it?

    A gem from the Eazel site:
    " It is an inincomparable fast compressor and decompressor."

    What are they trying to say O_O?


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