Passwordmanager doesn't work with RAR archives

  • The PA passwordmanager doesn’t work with RAR archives. Just the password of ZIP archives can be remembered.

  • conexware

    It does - it will ask for remembering archive passwords one you try to open the specific file or group of files, right?


  • yes PA will ask me, but it will just ask me if the archive is a ZIP file. I tried a password protected RAR archive. In this case PA doesn’t ask me if I want to store it

  • On no

    I’m sorry now it works.

    First I have enter the password to open the archive. Then I have entered the password to view a special file with thte internal viewer. At the second time PA has asks me. Shouldn’t it be normal that PA should ask you after you have entered the password for the first time?

  • conexware

    Yep, PA will ask you only when you try to open the file - this is the way it has to work with other formats, while for RAR, there are two possible different ways of file encryption and PA will ask you if you want it saved only when you open the file.

    We will tweak it for 9.1 if possible, moving to wishlist.


  • great to hear

    thank you spywolf
    PA becomes better and better ;)

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