Encrypted filenames

  • There are few compression tools that have it but it is a feature that would be very handy in my opinion. Next to encrypting the file contents I’d like to have an option to also encrypt the file names in the archive. In this way it will also be impossible to guess what the contents of the compressed archive are.

    I hope you can implement this!

  • Yes, I too would definitely want this for obvious security reasons.

    Others are adding this, so I hope it will be a feature that will be added soon.

    Please, please, please!

  • Agreed. Without this feature, the securely encrypted archives aren’t quite so secure for reasons mentioned by Coolio.

    Until it is implemented, you can encrypt it twice, although this is not ideal.

  • conexware

    definetly one the wishlist, hopefully 9.5 will have it!

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