PowerArchiver 2007 Release Wish List

  • Hi All,

    After downloading, testing and reading the forums page I would like to add the following to the Wish List of Addon’s or Features that I feel would benefit users and the position of PA within the Compression tool market!

    1. Test Connection Button within FTP Setup
      Winzip, Zip Magic “Stuffit” have a test FTP Connection why not PA?? A user should be able to test a connection before saving changes.

    2. Password Security Status - On creation or change of an encrypted file
      Most New applications now have a little 3 or 4 bar status in a password screen giving you details on how secure your password is eg:
      1234 (Poor)
      FoT37LX (Medium)
      5548_KyY2455 (Strong)

    3. PA Starter Menu to include a favourites sub menu.
      The ability to add your Favourite Zips for quick launch in PA Starter.

    4. Spyware Scanner Option
      Spyware, Ad-ware and malware are areas that are constantly being acknolaged as being more of a threat to individuals than viruses due to there nature of steeling information. Applications Like ZoneAlarm, Avast! and Spybot are all teaming up to beat these areas by grouping spyware into antivirus packages can’t this be added as an internal option just like new antivirus? ;o)

    5. Improved Integrated Viewer
      “Option to Attach to PA’s Window and allows users to view excel, word within it.” without having to open the file from zip.

    6. Skinable Configuration Screen
      Why not have the ability to skin the PA Configuration Screen? / Customize How the options are shown have an Advanced View and Basic View.

    7. Shred Zip Facility.
      (Random Wipe Method for PA Archives)

    8. Shared Setting for multiple Users
      (On windows Login) allows users to set their own configuration settings.

    9. Configuration Screen Password (Option)
      (Ensures only system user can change settings)

    10. Built In Zip Scheduling for Backups
      Available in Leading Competitor Winzip Pro 11.0

  • conexware

    unfortunatly, 95% of this would be for future versions, as we dont have enough time anymore to add any significant features.

    6. What features wouldnt you show in basic view? I dont think there is an reason to not show any of the options to everyone.

    8. Individual users have their own settings saved as it is.

    9. This is done through policies and registered business customers can force any settings they wish to all of their users.

  • Ok Coolio,

    Ignore part of 6 as it would still my nice to skin the configuration Screen.

    8 and 9 Can get scraped too!

    However, what is the chance of gaining this test button on FTP? and a built in Zip Scheduling?

    You mentioned that 95% couldnt be done by time of release of 2007… what is the 5% that can?


  • conexware

    maybe test we could do…we will see…

    Of course, there is always 10.1, 10.5, etc, etc :-).

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