PA File Viewer "UPDATE"

  • I understand PA has a File Viewer. However, is it possible to have this as an attached window instead of detached just like ZipMagic, Winace etc…

    Also when viewing images can you amend it so it resizes to fit on the viewer.

    Excel, word, support would also be nice. I know you support TXT format.

    This is an extreamly helpfull feature as you are able to view the data without having to open the source

  • why not replace the notepad as your second viewer in condiguration then locations menu with this viewer and instead of using pa’s internal viewer use this

    this is supported by total commander and should be used by pa in the long run as it adds afr better support than pa’s lack luster viewer and let pa work on improving pa’s archiving capabilities and not its interal viewer.

    Pa supports windows programs that are on your pc already. If not this viewer should do the job or you can request more info on it at above link

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