A customizeable exe-file

  • Hello

    A nice “feature” would be a custimizeable exe file with the following components. Here you should decide if it is a feature or a different program.

    1. I have a German version. But it should also be possible to create an exe-file with a different language e.g. English, French or Italian. I’m living in Germay and here the do so, if they deliver in a different country.
    2. It would be a nice Idea to insert the url of my homepage into the exe file, bevor I send them to the customer.
    3. This should also be valid for the legal file. And the legal file (=my legal file) should be delivered into the zip file too.
    4. This can all be managed from a different program, which takes a PA-Zip-File for input and a parameter file as a rezept (A file which ca be edited by the program too).
    5. It is a good idea to place an own logo on the dialog box of the exe file and to customize it’s own skin.

    Best regards
    Wolfgang Uhr

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