A few ideas

  • Hi all.
    First of all I would like to tell I’m very new user of PA. I left last product because I think PA beats it in almost every direction.
    I dunno how often are new versions of PA released and if is common to incorporate new features or only fixes. I just have a few littles for next version.
    1) Somehow I’m missing option for make SFX directly, without making archive first and convert it to SFX after. Maybe one more button on Add window, under “Add & FTP” something like “SFX”?
    2) When I’ll use Move to… option on directory, only content of directory is packed and empty directory is left. Moving whole selected object makes me more sense…What about you?
    3) Can’t make PA to display only Compress to ???+options in context menu. I need to have Compress To ??? displayed too. Can I change it somehow?

    Thanks and if I missed some of this was discussed already I’m sorry.

  • conexware

    1. SFX Wizard.
    2. Yes, it makes sense. It just makes us uneasy to delete anything :-)
    3. I dont think that is an option right now, only vice versa (no compress+options). So yes, it is an wish :-).

    1. Yeah, but SFX wizard can’t be simply called from context menu (it’s my most common usage of archiver program)
      2+3) OK, maybe one day…I’ll wait, I’m patient almost equally as lazy. :)

  • conexware

    1. maybe it should? :-).

  • As You said…:-) Thanks.

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