• why don’t you take a look at this site and use their plugin technology.

    great way to create sit and even rar files via plugins

  • conexware

    it will be snowing in june in Europe when David posts his wish by adding it to his previous post he did 10 separate times before :-).

  • no i was just asking a general question why not join forces and use this codex its not a wish its actually a general question. save time and money developing codexs share them. I have mentioned it before, plugins, but as this is a general question why develop your own plugins that takes a very long time when a proven plugin technology is already avaliable. i was actually trying to speed up development of pa, to keep it head of the game.

    Keep up the work

  • conexware

    it is still an wish. And you posted about plugins several times before, in the wishlist forums, now you are posting it in general forums.

    It would look better if you simply update your previous wish, not create multiple posts. This includes all the wishes. Simply search for your post and update it.

    Why would we use some other technology which limits what we can and can not do? Whatever we do, it has to be completly built in and integrated to PowerArchiver, otherwise it will only have fraction of features possible.

  • when will this be?

    i take your point justed wanted to keep you informed. your answer is true to a point, but in past replis on this subject you said you would not do a rar and sit plugin to compress to theses formats thoe the codex i mentioned does. It must be worth investigating rar and sit plugins for pa in the very near future or you might be left behind and i don’t want that to happen as you give the best support around.

  • @davidsplash:

    … i take your point justed wanted to keep you informed. …

    Yes, but even this “plugin” has been mentioned before :-

  • But it keeps it alive if we have a set time scale for the build map of pa then we would not need to keep asking these questions and that would help the developers get on with their jobs

  • The “best way” to keep a topic alive is to add new information to an existing thread.

    My point is that repeatedly creating new threads for the same topic(s) just appears as “noise” and may cause irritation.

  • i agree to a certain extent but it also keeps the idea going enough said about that well will it be implimented as it is sated plugins are already avaliable on the avertise part of this site.

  • @davidsplash…:

    Where ?
    All I can find is refence(s) to
    “PowerArchiver Outlook Plug-in works with Microsoft Outlook 2000, XP and 2003.”

  • conexware

    if you search for plugins, posted by david, it is 2 pages worth of results (threads) :-). Wouldnt it be more impressive if it was 2-3 threads with 5-6 pages worth of material? :-).

  • i have already said it needs to be tied up and yes in future i will post to old threads if i can fimnd them and if you look at the help file and search for plugins you get pgp plugin thoe you can not get it via the web site yet

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