Some suggestions

  • Power Archive is a great software with a lot of potential to be even better,
    for that I have some suggestions:
    -Make 7-Zip create solid archives by default(archive converter)
    -Improve archive conversion a bit, like an option to delete original
    files and after the conversion is done do not forget to delete the
    temporary files.
    -Improve the way 7-Zip files are handled as most as you can, something
    like treating the files inside the packet archive like directories where we can
    ad directories/files, delete, add and rename as desired.

    Thanks for your great product, Pictus

  • i would rather it didi not create 7zip solid archives by default. I use 7zip a lot and updateiing files is a must. IT WOULD BE NICE IF TMAKING SOLID ARCHICVES WAS A TICK BOCK EXTRA.

  • Yes a checkbox for turning on/off “solid” would be the best solution

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