Context menu only for selected file formats

  • It would be nice if the context menu was only shown against file formats ticked in the file formats configuration screen.

  • Not sure I understand what you mean…
    If the menu does not appear then how do we compress files?
    Also, how to do archive conversion?
    How to use PA to extract from archives which are not associated with PA?

    If you simply want to reduce the menu size, then you do know about the “Display non-cascaded context menu” flag - just DISable this :D

  • The key was that I only have “extract” options ticked in the context menu config, so uncompressing is not relevant. Therefore I hoped the PA context menu would only appear when I right-clicked on certain (ie. my selected) file formats - i.e. there was a bit of intelligence about whether a context menu was displayed (as there is with what entries are displayed). Thinking again, after reading your response and the points you raise, my requirement is not really valid. Thanks for your time.

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