Small issue with shell extensions

  • I do 99% of my archive work via the shell extensions, be it adding or subtracting. One of the most common ones I use is the Extract To ___ where it creates a directory with the name of the archive and unzips to it. I just find the fact that PA trys to shove in the full path really annoying and unnecessary. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see how this is useful…99% of paths are going to be too long to be read there and are just trunkated, and at that point they’re just clutter. Even just using one’s desktop makes it rather ugly. Furthermore I don’t see a situation where this could be useful even if you could read it, I mean it’s a shell extension so you’re already looking right at the folder in explorer. I think it’d be much cleaner and simpler to simply give the new folder name and skip the full path (“Extract To folder_name”).

  • Do you mean in the context menu itself? As in

  • Yes

    Right click an archive on the desktop now:
    “Extract to C:\Doc…\Adm…\Des…\Fol…”

    is useless clutter, and could much more simply be

    “Extract to [filename]”

    where [filename] is the name of the archive sans-extension.

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