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PA for Outlook

  • The "Include Help File" is a nice feature. Although I do not mind the marketing, if would be better to have an option to include a custom HTML file so that uers could add any additional information they wanted. This would also allow users who for various reasons (marketing, legal, etc.) would not be able to inlude the default HTML message to still take advantage of this feature.

  • I can’t vote in this poll 😞

  • I attempted to vote with no luck. 😞

    Maybe I’m just not smart enough :eek:

  • conexware

    alpha testers obviously have so many privileges that forum decided to rate you down :-).

  • Well, I can’t vote either.

    But I would have voted NO.
    A custom text file would be nice - but NOT an HTML file!
    In my opinion, HTML emails are :evil:

    Note: we need more smilies :rolleyes:

  • The “HTML” message is how the current functionality in the program is labeled.

    The main point of the poll and my post was to be able to customize the message regardless of the content type of the message body.

    Take that to the next step and there could also be a box for “plain text” or “HTML”.

  • @pa-user:

    Take that to the next step and there could also be a box for “plain text” or “HTML”.

    …+ something like “Automatic”: depending of the type of main message… if letter is PlainText - pa’s help also becomes PlainText :rolleyes:

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