Faster opening of large archives

  • e.g. opening the SFX File from MS Windows 2000 SP4 takes about 5 times longer than opening it WinRAR.

  • Agreed

  • conexware

    Is this specific to all files or SFX cab files? You might be able to speed it up by using Config>Misc> Speed options.


  • I hadn’t actually tried WinRAR before (I just thought PA was slow) so I downloaded WinRAR 3.4 beta to try it. I have to say I was very impressed with the speed of it. It loaded the XP SP2 SFX far quicker than PA could manage. WinRAR took approx. 3 seconds to load XP SP2, PA took 4 minutes 11 seconds. A big difference I’m sure you’ll agree.

    It looks like PA is going through the whole file instead of just reading the file structure because the Hard disk is chugging away for a long time.

    I’ve only checked ZIP archives and SFX cab files and while WinRAR is faster than PA at opening all archives, this problem is specific to SFX cab files.

    Any other optimizations that can be made to the opening of all types of archives wouldn’t hurt though. In this case, faster is always better:o)!

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