My wishes and how to make PowerArchiver the best!

  • Hi,

    So, here they are:

    • It would be nice a pause button while compressing.
    • It would be very important a priority dropdown menu, where users can change the actual compression priority (!)
    • When you compress an archive, and you want another beacuse you don’t have time to wait the first. It would be very comfortable if the second archiving progress could wait until the first one finishes, and then proceed.
    • It would be awesome, that if other mailer programs than Outlook Express would be compatible with this prog, specially I’ve Opera, and I’m using it’s m2 client, when I clicked on “Compress & Email” after compressing nothing happened, because I don’t have Microsoft Outlook Express. Or it would be also good if it could support an smtp server configuration, and the user could configure it to send directly to the server without using mail client.
    • I could use other formats to compress, eg. RAR, ACE too. They are not bad.
    • I 'm Hungarian, and I’d like to translate this great app, but I don’t know how to, or should I search for an english lang file to make it? I will translate it, just give me an english lang file.
    • It would be handy if the archiver program could recognize the antivirus program that I use, not all the users knows that wich is the main exe file for it.

    That’s all, I hope you could find some good idea. In my opinion, these option could make this program even better than it is.



  • Hi,

    Nice wishes! I support them! ;)

    But RAR and ACE formats are not free… Ability to make archives in such formats requires a license, which coasts a lot…

    If you want to translate PowerArchiver into your language – send a message about this to
    But remember: you will have to do the COMPLETE translation! Including documentation and Help…

  • Well, I have some freetime, so I’m in. I’m sure it will take some time, and if these wishes come true, I’m happy to spend my time on it. :rolleyes: Of course except ACE and RAR format compression support, because they are licensed.


    • It would be very important a priority dropdown menu, where users can change the actual compression priority

    good idea

  • Agree, “Pause” command is really a need, especially facing a long-lasting 7-Zip operation.

    • I could use a PC speaker beep when a long archiving is complete, this could be useful if your speakers are turned off. In this case, the program can alert you any time. I think this should be a configurable thing, so users who don’t want this feature can turn off. I’d like it.
    • There sould be a Poweroff, Standby, and Hybernate dropdown menu, to do it after compression. (Really useful when you compress much data, and you are about to go somewhere or slepp)
    • It would be also not bad if the program could somehow calculate and show the REMAINING time, it should do an analyzing before compression.

    Well, thats all for now!

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