Remove extension from Checkouted files

  • When making shortcuts can you remove the file extension?

    May be if you don’t want another option you could automatically detect (at the time the files are checked out) whether extensions are visible or not and then decide automatically whether to make shotcuts with extensions or not.

  • Hello,

    I use the same password on all my pae files on my computer so I don’t have to remember to many.

    I know this is maybe not the best thing to do from a security perspective but I don’t work in a vulnerable environment, it’s just me and my Laptop at home.

    Sometimes I think I would like to change the pae passwords to a new password but I’d then have to do this to all files. Can you make some kind of batch processing new password thingy?

    Maybe with a context menu entry. Then I can search My Documents for PAE files and then right click on them (after selecting all the pae files found in windows search) and change the passwords through the context menu.

  • Damn, that should have been a new thread!

    Can you fix this for me spwolf?

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