Interface improvements for PA 9.0

  • Som suggestions to improve the interface of PA 😉

    • progressbar in trayicon

    • add “Help” and “Uninstall Powerarchiver” shortcut to startmenu

    • one folder up button should be available directly under the toolbar similar like in WinRAR

    • add move up/down button to toolbar configuration window

    • Extract here Toolbar button

  • Extract here toolbar button would be awesome. I often find myself opening an archive to verify its contents/folder structure, then closing PA and right-clicking on the file and doing extract here…

  • “- one folder up button should be available directly under the toolbar similar like in WinRAR”

    i agree…

    “- Extract here Toolbar button”

    YES! YES! that would be the coolest thing ever. I do the same thing as DaCypher. Verify contents then do the extract here, or go to the root folder then drag that into explorer… really needing some drag and drop folder support, here.

  • at least the “Extract here” command could be added to the “Actions” menu

    I hope this wouldn’t be too hard to realize. In extrem case, we need some new toolbar skins for the new button. Maybe we should think about it, which buttons we could also need in future, so we needn’t change the toolbar skins so often.

    e.g. additional buttons for

    • Find
    • Repair
    • Mail
    • Comment
    • Extract Here

    I think this should be the most used toolbar buttons

  • i posted one thread about a close buttona and a resver/up button in windows not realising that you already posted something similar

  • No Problem
    I just want to point out, that you are not alone with your wish 😉

  • I have been requesting for all the above mentioned wishes to be added to PA9. Seems might have to wait a bit longer. :rolleyes:






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