Shell extensions don't work in winxp 64

  • I have recently installed winxp 64-bit on my computer and after installing power archiver I realized that the shell extensions didn’t appear. I checked in the settings and they were turned on and I also tried restarting. Anyways, I browsed here and read a post about Power Archiver coming out with a 64-bit version after Delphi came out in 64-bit (which, it sounded like, wouldn’t be for a long time) and thought that was it. But then I saw a post about winRar which had the exact same problem getting fixed with a registry hack. So, I was wondering, if there is any solution to the shell extensions problem?

    Thanks in advance

  • conexware


    No, there isn’t easy solution, nor any registry hack fixes the problem. We have to rewrite shell extensions using new VC++ and hope we will do this in near future.

  • main problem is windowsxp84 is a rewrite of xp with changes that aren’t compatiable with like programs

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