Too many bugs exactly the same as before!!!

  • Alpha Testers

    Why has PA 2019 got so many bugs exactly the same as used to be in PA 2018 ?
    Why aren’t your programmers learning from their previous mistakes and updating their internal testing methods?
    It makes it extremely frustrating trying out your new versions.
    All the same stuff iis wrong that I had to work really hard to get you to understand before including things you said were too hard to fix until the next version that you didn’t fix in the next version and you’ll presumably say the same again if I do manage to motivate myself to try and report it again.

  • conexware

    Hi @Brian-Gregory

    Could you be more specific? Which one’s are you referring to?
    We post a changelog with every update and lots of stuff is updated/added/fixed.
    There will issues we haven’t gotten to yet as the job is large and there are priorities.
    That doesn’t mean everything shouldn’t be addressed, of course, and you are correct in your statement.
    The community is a very big help, in pointing out bugs and feature improvements.
    Which ones are you referring to? I can look up the bug reports and increase the priority as needed.


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