66 - PABACKUP.EXE Access Violation Error

  • I haven’t had this problem arise in previous versions, but, running 66 on W7, I’m getting an Access Violation error in PABACKUP.EXE (see screen snip).
    I’ve checked the various properties of the .pbs files but there is nothing out of the ordinary and nothing has changed. There haven’t been any changes that I can see to the Windows Task Scheduler.
    A few observations:-

    • it doesn’t happen on every scheduled backup/pbs.
    • it doesn’t happen when the backup is run interactively (I guess that’s pretty obvious).
    • the error occurs after the archive has been created or updated, so the task has been completed.
      -if I run PABACKUP.EXE from Program Files with Admin privilege, I get the rather nice screen with the blue boxes etc. (per edited snip), and sometimes it crashes with the error and sometimes not!
    • no Application errors appear in the Event Viewer.

  • conexware

    @PA_Fan looks like we might need to send you version with debug… thanks!

  • conexware

    Thanks for the report. While we send the debug version out, would you please send us the PBs script that reproduces it, to support at conexware dot com and we will try reproducing it here

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