(a) bug . . . or feature I would like AND (b) an important suggestion

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    There is a feature I thought PA had. I suspect I am mistaken.

    7z does not have an option to ‘move and replace’ as well as ‘add and replace.’ If it was once there, it is now missing. If not, it would be a nice feature to have.

    Which leads me to make a suggestion. Develop a chart that lists the pluses and minuses of each encryption type: (a) does it allow move and replace? (b) how fast is it for each major file type? © for which types does it yield better compression? (d) does it permit creation of sfx’s? (e) which is more stable? (f) more likely to develop flaws? (g) easier to repair? (h) better to use if you are changing a file regularly? (i) better to use if the file is unlikely to be changed? (j) which is more compatible with PAE? (k) which lets you hide the filenames? (l) are some easier to update?, etc.

    If well done, this chart would start showing up on search engines everywhere; it would bring users who don’t know about PA to your site. The chart would also explain the unique appeal of PA, since it lets users choose the format most appropriate to their purposes.

    You might entice alpha testers to join the development and refinement of such a chart.

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    I took a few to toss together what might be the start of such a chart. I am sure the questions need to be more fine-grained (e.g., more file types). Some cells might just include a ‘Y’ or a ‘N’; for others we might rank the files (1,2,3).

    I realize this should go on the back burner 'til 2013 is fully out and you’ve had an update or two. And maybe ZTE.

    But I do think it would be a valuable service and could help sell PA.

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