Smart handling of periods imbedded in file name

  • If you use the main PowerArchiver window to create a new archive, and the archive name entered has an imbedded period (e.g. “Opera 7.52 Backup”), and the user does not supply the correct archive extension, the archive is created without a file extension at all. This is because PowerArchiver sees the period in the file name provided, and does not verify that it is followed by the correct extension.

    What it should do in this case is to look at what follows the period. If it is the correct extension for the type of archive that will be created, assume that the user manually entered the correct archive extension, and don’t change anything. If is anything else, assume that the user is simply using a file name with an imbedded period, which is perfectly valid. BUT, in that case, fill in the correct extension after the file name the user supplied.

    Now use the PowerArchiver shell extension to create a new archive. This will bring up the Add dialog. Enter an archive name with an imbedded period (e.g. “Opera 7.52 Backup”). Now click on one archive type, and then another (e.g. click on ZIP, then on 7Z). The name has changed from “Opera 7.52 Backup” to “Opera 7.7z”. Where is our “52 Backup”? PowerArchiver wasn’t smart enough to realize that the user may want to imbed a period in the file name, so it simply blew it away.

    Again, in this case, it should look at what follows the imbedded period. Since “52 Backup” isn’t anywhere near a valid archive extension, ignore it and treat it as part of the file name. So, use the file name “Opera 7.52 Backup.7z”.

    The workaround for the user is to always manually enter the file extension. Blah!

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