Support for more archive formats

  • Hope that PowerArchiver 2011 can support decompressing .A, .BZA, .C2D, .CDI, CPIO, .DEB, .GCA, .GZA, .HA, .IZE, .LIB, .MBF, .MDF, .PAD, .PDI, .TZ, .YZ1, as though they are less frequently used, P2P users may have difficulty opening files belonging to one of the types mentioned above. Also hope that there are more advanced options which 7-Zip has when making a 7z archive. And hope that making and decompressing 7zip archives can be faster.

  • conexware

    We cant make compressing decompressing 7z files faster (it is as fast as in 7z), but we can add all formats that are already in 7z, and improve support for formats that we already have

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