Zip/7zip AES question

  • I was thinking, should I use some kind of compression when making AES encrypted archives, or is it a-ok to use no compression (store)? I’m thinking with regards to security, IOW, is using compression with AES encryption more secure than using no compression? I’ve always used compression but sometimes with large files the compression takes a while and it would be faster to just encrypt. I did check the help file, but it didn’t say. :D

  • conexware

    i dont think it has influence, but you should use lowest settings for compression at least, well i guess it depends on what kind of files ;-)

  • Thanks! You’re quick, man! :)

    I figure I’ll keep using compression then. It does feel more secure that way to me since the compression should scramble things up a tad.

  • I remember reading long ago that compressing encrypted files (whether in an archive or on a fully-encrypted disk, or even using NTFS compression/encryption) helped security. However, I don’t think in practical terms it really helps, since the security margin is already huge, provided you use a good password. Speaking of the password, there’s your weakest link–by far.

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