Minor Bug add window

  • Here is another minor bug I found:

    Ver: 11.50.54
    Vista SP1
    4gig ram
    2.4 Gig Quad Core

    Select a file to add “Add xxx + options”

    1. Select the 7-zip compression
    2. Now check “Encrypt to PAE” (the encryption drop down menu on the right side greyes out as it should)
    3. Now uncheck “Encrypt to PAE”
    4. The the encryption drop down menu stays greyed out.

    The above is true for the BH compresion type as well. At this point the only way to ungrey it is to select another compression mode which has native encryption (not PAE) so Zip or BH if u had 7-zip selected.

    Note that this bug does nto happen when the zip selection is selected. It works as it should. When u check the PAE, encyption greyes out and when you uncheck it it becomes available again.

    Not a program breaking bug but there you have it :D


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    Confirmed for BH! Thanks!!

  • This bug still exists but more of a visual bug/inconsistency.

    When zip and Aes 256 is selected:

    Click pae on. Encryption greyes out but remains at whatever you set it while greyed out.
    When you click it off it ungreyes but it’s now disabled.

    When 7zip and Aes 256 is selected:

    Click Pae and the encryption turns to “Disabled” and greyes out.
    When you unclick PAE it ungreyes but remains as disabled.

    When BH and “BH Encryption” is selected:

    Click PAE and now BH encryption is greyed out.
    Unclick PAE and BH encryption stayes greyed out, but if in fact you go forward to create the archive the encryption is on (asks for a password).

    Take care :P


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