Batch Delete After Archiving

  • It would be great if one could also instruct PA to automatically delete the files that are selected for Batch Archiving after the job has been finished - could you put an option in the Batch Archive window, so that this process is automated? Otherwise - one has to manually select, say, 40 files for batch archiving, wait for the process to finish and then select them again (one by one) for deletion. This is twice the time! Thank you.

    Also: It would be nice to be able to automatically select files of certain type (*.pdf for example or *.doc) in the Batch Archiving window instead of picking them one by one. Thank you.

  • this is very dangerous as if a powercut all files will be lost. nevr a good idea to do that untill the archive has been checked and tested.

    bad idea

  • It is not realistic to believe that someone will test 50 or 100 archives (and how about 500?) to make sure everything is OK. And it does not need to be switched on by default, so one can choose when to use it and when to pass. :)

  • basically you want an option that allows you to delete files after the archive is completed.

    The only possible reason why this is not included is that it is difficult to do. Most people only use batch creation for backups so whats the use of it , but i get your point you can do it with single archives why not batch archive

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