Startup error

  • when i load up with any othjer dialog at start up like tools tiups and that is not in shown on screen for some reason it means i have to click on the task bar and minimise powerarchiver and reopen it to try and get that dialog before i can close that dialog and use powerarchiver.

    Shouldn’t this dialog be there in front all the time so you don’t have this fault

    tested on two operating systems 2000 and xp and on two differnt computers made by dell.

  • conexware

    Hi David,

    I dont quite understand - can you outline step by step for me so I can reproduce it? Thanks!

  • basically if you open powerarchiver and it shows eiher the tool tip dialog or I agree dialog and then click powerarchiver on the menu bar those dialogs dissaapeare and you can’t use powerarchiver. untill you minimise something or click the powerarchiver from the tool/menu bar and then the dialog comes back and you can then click that option so u can use powerarchiver. shouldn’t those dialgs be there perminately untill you click on them

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